Your subscription controls how much data you can consume and how your app interacts with our APIs. You can check your current subscription by logging in to Services.

When you sign up, your account will be assigned 500MB of storage, which is plenty of data to start with. You can start interacting with data and user authentication APIs straight away. Free-tier API requests are rate-limited (10 per minute), which can be removed by upgrading to a paid tier.

Services - Data Allocation - Free plan

Exceeding request limit

Free-tier requests are capped at 10 per minute per account.

Request limit response:

HTTP Status Code API Response

    "message": "Free tier requests are limited to 10 per 60 seconds.
                Please try again in 54 seconds or upgrade subscription or upgrade subscription from",
    "statusCode": 429,
    "contentType": "application/json"

Exceeding storage limit

Once you exceed your storage limit, API requests to create new records will no longer succeed.

Data allocation error response:

HTTP Status Code Error code Error Message
403 19009 Your account has exceeded the allocated data allowance of 10 records. Click on Account>Data Allocation to upgrade.

If you use your browser's developer toolbar, you would be able to see these errors from the network tab.

You should see the following error inside the Console tab.

Console error
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