Creating a Data Administrator account

Data Administator accounts allow you to access your no-code backend REST API without restrictions. They're different from Standard Application User accounts, which we will look at later on. Data Administator accounts can only be created via My Services page.

Click on Configure Users button.

Link to Configure Users page

Click New User

Add New User button

Add a new user. Make sure to set Role field as Data Administator.
Save the user.

New User button

You now have a Data Administrator account to get started.

New User button

Log in to the app using the Data Administrator credentials

Make sure your React app is running. You should be able to open the app on http://localhost:3000 on your browser.

Now you can try out your newly created Data Administrator account with the sample app.

Link to Configure Users page

After logging in, you will see the Lists page. Next, we will connect this page to the no-code backend REST API.

Link to Configure Users page
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