Build a REST API in minutes
not days.

  • Design a fully functional REST API with no-code interface
  • Ideal as a no-code backend
  • Create users, authenticate, control access to data
  • Free to use, upgrade for $10 a month

Why use a no-code REST API as a backend?

It's instantly ready for you, and customizable as you go. No need to setup databases or deploy to a Cloud!

It ensures that you follow industry standards for your web/mobile/IOT app from day one.

It's cheap! Saves you lots of money and time in developer hours.

No-code REST API Builder

Create a no-code backend REST API in minutes that allows you to Create, Read, Update and Delete data with secure, standalone storage - no coding required.

It's fully customizable, and becomes ready in seconds.

Supports most common data types and you can create relationships between data like with a relational database.

Checkout Creating a no-code backend REST API →

Customizable data model
Configurable security controls

Free authentication & access controls

Add users to your app and authenticate them easily via API, all with no-code.

Control how app data is accessed in a few clicks.

Operation level security controls allow for a wide range of application designs.

Read Configuring permissions for your no-code backend REST API →

Works with any frontend framework

You can connect LightSwitch API to anything, like a web app, a mobile app or IOT device.

Integration guides include sample JavaScript code, Curl scripts, Open API specification and Swagger UI to get you started.

Checkout Connecting a user-interface to your no-code backend REST API →

Integration samples

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